Patient Testimonials

“I got better in ONE visit at Power Center. AMAZING!!!…and I have been to MANY clinics in the past.”
- Robby C.
“I’ve been suffering from foot pain for months, and in just one visit, I can walk without pain. My therapist knew what she was doing!”

- Fred M.

“I am amazed at how much my therapist focused on making me understand my condition and what it takes to recover from it. I value the education that I got the most. They helped me a lot!”

- Margaret M.

“As a gym member at Power Center, I like being able to continue my exercise routines and access P.T. services even after prescribed therapy is over. Great set-up!”

- Bob H.

“Clean facility, friendly people and most of all, they know how to do their job right! I am now pain free!”

- Lynn T.

“There was always positive attitude. I found answers to my questions – very helpful. I can now take care of myself better!”

- Darin.G

“Kind and caring staff. Too bad, I got better too fast!”

- Diane H.

“Excellent staff. The therapist is very sharp and knowledgeable…with a lot of sense of humor. This is REAL physical therapy. I thank my doctor for sending me to the right place!”

- Rosalie S.